Selling It All

It's crunch time before my son and I venture around the world, just the two of us, footloose and fancy free. And, my house is full of stuff. So much stuff! How do we accumulate so much in our lives? I lived in a three bedroom house before moving into this tiny studio, and it's still packed to the gills. Let alone the five boxes that have followed me around for 10 years now. It's time to let go of all the baggage. I sold so many things this evening to the new tenant-to-be, and it felt amazing. I look forward to downsizing all of our worldly possessions to a small carry-on bag. This is not the first time I've 'sold everything.' Most days I feel great about this decision to show my son the world. And, there are days of feeling overwhelmed. It comes in waves. Am I doing the right thing? Is it too long? There are so many people we will miss. Then, I remember that it is the perfect time. Before he starts school and is consumed by it's schedule for the next thirteen years. Now is our chance. It's time to feel the excitement of modern day gypsying and live in the moment. 

geneva bybee